Eight generations working the land

Our history comes back from 8 generations ago when our ancestors were already winemakers and growered our ownership vineyards. Each generation has been including its experience and its best way of working.

The family house dates from 1864 and the cellar was inside in the beginnig until its founder decided to build a modern place besides, always following the traditional way of life and work that characterizes us.

All the old tools and machinery have become part of the museum that is visitable and is recommended to our customers who come to see us every day.

We export to all over the world.

Artisan and ecological

Our ecological viticulture is becoming our more important working way and our products are increasing the sales everywhere.

Today’s vineyards at a 300 meters height above sea level allow us to make our own traditional products and also the ecological innovators ones..

Our company has also been distinguished with different customer service and quality awards.