Cycling through the vineyards

Come and enjoy the best bike tours in Sitges. Half day excursions. FREE pick up at your hotel or accommodation. Fun for all ages! FREE for children under 5!


Unforgettable, bike rides, fun with friends, families, meetings or the formation of corporate teams. The routes are for all levels, as we pedal quietly on relatively flat bike paths and quiet rural roads with exceptional views.


All our excursions are suitable for all ages. Choose the excursion -DownHill Glide Tour- to enjoy a pleasant and easy bike ride through the vineyards and charming villages around Sitges. For a more complete excursion, the excursion -Cycling For Vino Tour- is what you need. We will stop at a winery, learn and taste the delicious wine of the Alt Penedès region.

Cycling through the vineyards is without a doubt one of the most fun things you can do while visiting Sitges. You will enjoy a stimulating sensory experience that simply cannot be duplicated otherwise.

Get on your bike! It’s the best way! And it’s almost all downhill!

Come and enjoy our bike routes in Sitges, Barcelona.

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